North America Fine Art Print Map

North America Fine Art Print Map

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North America - Fine Art Print Map

North America includes Central America, and, by convention, all of the Caribbean Islands. That means including a lot of the Atlantic Ocean, but the Aleutians demand a great deal of the Pacific, and the title has to go somewhere, so the arrangement balances.

We chose to show the neighboring portions of South America, Siberia, Greenland, and Iceland as subtle gray outlines. Greenland, unlike the others, is on the North American tectonic plate, and there is a very good argument for including it as part of the continent. In the end, we could not find a good way to show the high elevation of Greenland's ice sheet, and most of the island's edges are too covered by ice and are so narrow that elevation tints are illegible at this scale.

This is the classic Raven Wall Map. It uses shaded relief to portray the land and combines shading with elevation tints-- a sequence of delicate hues and colors that portrays landforms--much more clearly than the abstraction of contour lines. Elevation colors make mountains, highlands, and valleys immediately obvious.

Dimensions: All map dimensions are approximate.