Europe Fine Art Print Map

Europe Fine Art Print Map

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Europe- Elevation Tints Fine Art Print Map

Raven's map of Europe covers the entire sub-continent, including its traditional eastern boundaries, the Ural Mountains and the Caspian Sea.  We emphasize significant cities and landforms, and pay particular attention to delineating the continent's great rivers and their most important tributaries.  Country boundaries are important, but rivers and landforms are the basic facts which those boundaries sometimes reflect (and sometimes contest). This approach reveals Europe more effectively than the conventional "comprehensive" treatment.

In the interest of clarity, tiny territories that are formally "countries" are shown, but not named.  Roads and railroads are not shown at all - they cover Europe so completely that including them obscures everything else.  Many names have language variants and change over time; we've tried to use the most familiar forms and spellings.

Dimensions: All map dimensions are approximate.