Map Lovers

What sorts of people love Raven Maps? Cartophiles! These fans are all birds of a (raven) feather. Whether GPS geeks or millennials, armchair travelers, hikers or bushwhackers, gift-givers or art collectors, they all have one thing in common: they LOVE maps.

They love the precision of the pieces. The coming together of the cartographer and the illustrator creates a unique aesthetic. It’s an artistic map that is scientifically accurate to the nth degree.

The people who love Raven’s artistic maps love the land. They adore the big picture. They love what is unalterably beautiful. Like our America. Their sensibilities are stirred by seeing an expanse of geologic mastery.

If these map lovers are millennials, they are purists. They want the most authentic experience to be had. They are vinyl buyers, instead of streaming. They treasure their wall maps, even if they rely day to day on their smart phones for way finding. A wall map to them is a daydream on paper. It’s an object of contemplation. They appreciate the exquisite.

We share the sentiments of this Raven Map aficionado – maybe you will too!

I just wanted to let you know that I think your maps are absolutely incredible. The colors and details are breathtaking.... Sometimes I... put on some classic jazz guitar on the sound system, lean back in my recliner with a snifter of brandy, and just gaze at the maps. It is a wonderful way to spend an evening.

Oh, the places you’ll go with a Raven Map – even if you never leave your couch.

Raven Maps
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“I just have to tell you ... the co-working space where my office is has a camp theme, and there was a gorgeous map of California hanging above the coffee station that I looked at every day multiple times a day. I looked through many different relief maps of California before I found yours, but when I saw it, I recognized it instantly. I'm so happy I'll soon have my own copy to stare at obsessively.”

- Mark E. Culver City CA
“Love their maps...great to have along on vacations. Works of art!”

- Dave A. Rockford IL
“I used to absolutely consume your printed catalogues, map-dreaming I called it! Now I am the proud owner of the most exquisite map I’ve ever seen: The Raven map of Colorado. I had it framed at enormous expense, just because I wanted it to be the centerpiece of my large dining room. And is it ever. Everyone stares at it when they come over – I have to pull them away to sit down to supper.”

- Laurie M. Fort Collins, CO
“We purchased your beautiful map Countries of the World to honor our local high school teacher who began teaching a new class in Human Geography. Thank you so much for your help.”

- Eric R., Portland, Oregon
“Each map (we ordered) from you has been delivered by a series of messengers, and they have been a fantastic success in the local schools.”

- Jeanne A. Princeton, University Baboon Research Project, Kenya
“I have purchased maps from your company on four occasions over the past year. The topographic based relief maps from your company are virtual works of art.”

- KHM Odessa, Texas
“Wyoming Landforms & Rivers is the map I have been waiting for-- it presents Wyoming topographic features with both clarity and elegance. Relief is crisp and beyond criticism-- there is no way it could be improved. With regard to place names, what a pleasant surprise! A careful selection of tastefully rendered city and town names. Almost all anyone needs to locate themselves. And, thank heavens, no road clutter and no landform names.... In my opinion Wyoming Landforms is the best map Raven has produced. If I were teaching structural geology, every student would own one."

- Ken P. Wyoming