The United States  Fine Art Print Map

The United States Fine Art Print Map

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The United States Fine Art Print Map

Our map of the 48 states shows very clearly the continental-scale organization of the country, from the Canadian mountains and plains and Great Lakes in the north, to Mexican deserts and mountains and Gulf coastal lowlands in the south.

The West Coast and Mountain West include the Columbia-Snake and Colorado river systems and the interior Great Basin.  Most of the mid-continent is drained by the Mississippi-Missouri system rising in the Great Lakes, Yellowstone country and Southern Rockies respectively.  The Ohio and Tennessee River branches rising in the Appalachians are also the source of nearly all the country's Atlantic Coast streams.

Our classic map of The United States uses elevation tints in subtle hues of green, tan, and brown to show the differences in elevation throughout the country. The 48 states is truly a country from "sea to shining sea".

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