Maine in Context Fine Art Print Map

Maine in Context Fine Art Print Map

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Maine in Context

"Maine in Context" includes several features not included on the earlier Raven map of Maine. Built-up areas give a more realistic sense of current settlement. Acadia National Park and Baxter State Park are shown, as are National Wildlife Refuges, White Mountains National Forest, and the Passamaquoddy Indian Reservation. High-Elevation peaks and ridges are clearly delineated. 

Neighboring portions of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Quebec, and New Brunswick are included in a ghosted-back treatment. Maine's iconic shape is preserved while the state’s position between the St Lawrence River Valley and the Maritime provinces is shown.

  Small: Height: 23" x Width: 17"       
  Medium: Height: 28" x Width: 21"        
  Large:  Height: 38” x Width: 28"     

Dimensions: All map dimensions are approximate.