Landforms of the Great Lakes

Landforms of the Great Lakes

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Landforms of the Great Lakes - Fine Art Print

The Great Lakes are a particularly beautiful collection of linked shapes. They also mark the southern edge of the Laurentian Shield covering much of Canada (and most of Minnesota). Massive ice sheets planed the shield to bare rock and very low relief. Their weight depressed its center, now Hudson Bay, the destination of the region’s northern rivers. This is the land of literally uncountable lakes and vast wetlands in the north. The southern parts of the region are marked by successive moraines and river courses that trace their outlines.         

Small - Scale is 1:1.5 million or 1" = about 23 miles
Medium - Scale is 1:1 million or 1" = about 16 miles
Large - Scale is 1:750,000 or 1" = about 12 miles

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