Landforms of the East Coast Fine Art Print Map

Landforms of the East Coast Fine Art Print Map

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Landforms of the East Coast -  Fine Art Print Map

The whole length of the East Coast, from the Florida Keys to Newfoundland, arranges itself in three great regions.

The southeast part of the map includes the Coastal Plain and the Piedmont. The northern portion is a significant portion of the vast Laurentian Shield that covers the greater part of Canada, the very ancient core of what is now North America. In between the two, are the Appalachian Mountains. These are the remains of nearly 500 million years of rock formation, much younger than the Laurentian Shield. Repeated mountain building periods have been followed by millions of years of erosion, the sequence has repeated, and tectonic plates have wandered far.

The Appalachians include some old rock (and they are spoken of as old and worn) compared to today’s (brand-new) Rockies or Alps. A future shift in plate dynamics might reshuffle the deck.

The map includes the Florida Peninsula, coastal SE Georgia, and most of the Carolinas, Virginia, and West Virginia. All of the Mid-Atlantic and New England states are shown in their entirety, along with much of Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritime Provinces.

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