Land Cover of the South Atlantic States

Land Cover of the South Atlantic States

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Land Cover of the South Atlantic States

High-resolution data sets are now so complete that we are finally able to offer Land Cover versions of our maps.  These include relief shading along with colors representing land cover categories.  Unlike uniformly sequential elevation tints, land cover is extremely and unpredictable variable, so these maps sharply define even small local areas.  At the same time, they reveal regional patterns which elevation tints miss entirely.

Two notable differences are the sharp cropland/grassland distinction in the West, and the tightly interspersed farmland/forestland pattern in the East.  That regional difference called for two different treatments: compare the Gulf Coast and the Southern Plains maps, or the Northern Plains and the Great Lakes.

This map covers all of the Florida Peninsula, extending west to the Apalachicola River. In the Atlantic we include the Bahamas south and east as far as Great Exuma Island. The Atlantic Coast is shown north up to the Virginia state line and includes all of North Carolina, South Carolina & Georgia; most of Florida (the western Panhandle is NOT included); eastern Tennessee, and the eastern edge of Alabama.

Dimensions: All dimensions are approximate.