The East Coast Fine Art Print Map

The East Coast Fine Art Print Map

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The East Coast Fine Art Print Map

Any map of the East Coast must either include a great deal of the Atlantic Ocean and of the Midwest, or abandon the normal “north up” orientation. The second choice allows for a more interesting map. We’ve rotated the map about 8° counter-clockwise, and included the Bahamas and the Canadian Maritime Provinces (and even a bit of Newfoundland). That seemed about as far off “north-up” as we could go without  feeling disoriented.

That still includes a good deal of the interior continent, especially in the north, but the Great Lakes and the St Lawrence River Valley are useful references in defining the  East Coast.

The East Coast map covers North America's Atlantic Coast from the Gulf of St. Lawrence in the north down to the Florida Keys and the Bahamas.

The map includes the Florida Peninsula, coastal SE Georgia, and most of the Carolinas, Virginia, and West Virginia. All of the Mid-Atlantic and New England states are shown in their entirety, along with much of Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritime Provinces.

Dimensions: All map dimensions are approximate.