Landforms of the Pacific Northwest Fine Art Map

Landforms of the Pacific Northwest Fine Art Map

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Landforms of the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest’s signature volcanoes are almost perfectly aligned north to south for over 500 miles from Mt Baker to Mt Shasta— surface evidence of the subducting Juan de Fuca Tectonic Plate’s shape. The smooth melted shapes of Yellowstone reveal the overriding Pacific Plate’s current position over the “hot spot” that has left a 400 mile (and 17 million year) long path from what is now the Owyhee Desert on the Oregon/Nevada/Idaho border. Those are just two of the many landform stories apparent on the map. 


Small: 1:1.25 million, 1” = approximately 20 miles

Medium: 1:1 million, 1” = approximately 16 miles    

Large: 1:750,000, 1” = approximately 12 miles

Dimensions: All map dimensions are approximate.