Landforms of the Gulf Coast Fine Art Print Map

Landforms of the Gulf Coast Fine Art Print Map

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Landforms of the Gulf Coast - Fine Art Print Map

The Red River joins the Mississippi at a relatively narrow choke point at Natchez, between the low hills of upland Louisiana and Mississippi. This marks downstream end of the Mississippi Delta, and the top of the Mississippi River Delta— the classic fan-shape formed by multiple meandering distributary channels.

Constant engineering is required to maintain the single main channel needed for commerce. The Gulf Coast displays a spectacular array of bays and wetlands, all subject to shifting water levels, shipping canals, sediment loads, storm tracks, and climate trends. Maps showing a generalized coastline obscure this complexity.  When the newly-formed U.S. was negotiating with France and Spain for control of the region—  the key to Mississippi river traffic, and therefore to the development of the continental interior-- the central issue was "The Island of New Orleans.” 

This map is centered roughly on New Orleans. It includes the Atlantic Coast up to Charleston, South Carolina; on the west, it extends along the entire Texas coast and another 150 miles south beyond the Rio Grande. The map covers much of Texas, all of Louisiana and Florida, and the southern halves of Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia.

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