Land Cover of the Gulf Coast

Land Cover of the Gulf Coast

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Land Cover of the Gulf Coast


The Gulf Coast includes large remaining open wetlands, from the Everglades to the Texas coast, and woody (tree-covered) wetlands along the Mississippi and Atchafalaya, above Mobile Bay, and SW of Tallahassee.

Evergreen forest is dominant in northern Louisiana between the Red River and the Mississippi Delta, and in scattered areas throughout the region. Most of the region is an intricate mix of farmland and (mostly) evergreen forest. Urbanization is now nearly continuous for about 300 miles from New Orleans to Panama City.

This map is centered roughly on New Orleans. It includes the Atlantic Coast up to Charleston S.C.; on the west, it extends along the entire Texas coast and another 150 miles south beyond the Rio Grande. The map covers much of Texas, all of Louisiana, the southern halves of Mississippi and Alabama, all of Florida, and the southern half of Georgia.

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