Land Cover of the Southern Plains

Land Cover of the Southern Plains

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Land Cover of the Southern Plains Map


The Southern Plains are bordered on their dry west side by the outlying southern Rockies and the bordering Mexican intermountain plateau. The eastern portion grades into the humid mixed forestlands of East Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas. 

The core Plains area includes distinct farmland belts, notably an arc from north of Dallas to southwest of Austin, and along the coastal plain continuing along the lower Rio Grande and well into Mexico.
The Hill Country west of Austin is predominantly Oak Woodland, unique in the mid-continent but very similar to those of California.

This map covers all of the Rio Grande Basin, from the Rockies in Southern Colorado to the Gulf of Mexico, and including most of the Rio Grande’s basin in northern Mexico. Nearly all of the Arkansas River is included on the north, and the Ozark Plateau and Ouachita Mountains on the east. The map includes all of Texas and Oklahoma, most of New Mexico, a lot of Colorado, Kansas, and Arkansas as well as northern Mexico.

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