The Central Plains & Prairie Fine Art Print Map

The Central Plains & Prairie Fine Art Print Map

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The Central Plains & Prairie Fine Art Print Map

The Central Plains region is often characterized as the "American Heartland”. Interestingly, from Minneapolis to Little Rock and Memphis, and the Black Hills to Chattanooga, the Central Plains are far from uniform.

The region spans the rainfall gradients that are a fundamental determining fact of American geography. Chattanooga averages over 60”, the Oklahoma Panhandle under 20”. The difference reflects the northern reach of the Gulf of Mexico’s influence in the southern Central Plains; Lansing, Michigan and Rapid City, South Dakota,get just over 30” and just under 20” respectively.   

This map covers the heart of the Central Mississippi Valley, from the Black Hills in the northwest corner to the great bend of the Tennessee River in Alabama. The map includes all of Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana. Also included are  Southern portions of South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and western Michigan as well as easternmost Colorado and the Texas Panhandle, nearly all of Oklahoma, Northern Arkansas, western Tennessee, and Kentucky.

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