The American West Land Cover Fine Art Print Map

The American West Land Cover Fine Art Print Map

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The American West Land Cover Fine Art Print Map

The American West stretches well into the Great Plains east of the Rockies, including a good deal of southwestern Canada. The rugged but relatively low mountains of the Mexican borderlands mark the southern margin. Low post-glacial forests and wetlands of the Canadian interior are another region altogether.

The mountain west is heavily forested (below timberline) in the north. To the south, forest cover is progressively limited to a narrowing elevation range. Farmlands west of the Rockies are clustered in isolated pockets, with the notable exceptions of the Columbia Basin and California’s Central Valley. Dense settlement is concentrated in Coastal valleys and along the Rocky Mountain and Wasatch mountain fronts.

Coverage includes all of the eleven western states (Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Arizona, and Colorado), and extends east well into the high plains, up into Canada as far as Edmonton, and down into Mexico past Chihuahua. About half of Texas is shown, including all of the Panhandle and the border as far down as Eagle Pass / Piedras Negras.

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