West Coast Map

West Coast Map

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The West Coast Map

The West Coast of the United States has a very smooth coastline, with Puget Sound and San Francisco Bay the only large exceptions. That's in part due to the continuing active mountain-building along virtually all the coast. But extending the coverage north into Canada and south into Mexico changes the picture considerably.

The entire Canadian Pacific Coast is intricate. Baja California and the Gulf of California are dramatic early signs on what seems to be the developing rift between the West Coast and the rest of North America. We couldn't fit all of this into the West Coast map (see our North America map for the larger picture), but included enough for a more interesting and thought-provoking map.

This map includes the three West Coast states, nearly all of Nevada, significant portions of Idaho, Arizona, and adjacent Mexican and Canadian territory. Coastal Southern California looks very different when seen as the northern end of Baja California.

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