World Vegetation (Black Ocean)

World Vegetation (Black Ocean)

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World Vegetation (Black Ocean)

This map shows the world's forests, grasslands, farmlands, and deserts in great detail.  It reveals the unparalleled expanse of the Amazon rain forest, the much smaller blocks of comparable forests in Africa and Asia, and the deforestation of both.

The content on land of our two versions is the same, except that the black version does not include city names at all, and omits some small country names. Black has the effect of making neighboring colors appear brighter and richer, and world vegetation more graphically memorable. 

Sixteen colors including six classes of forest land give the map an unusual richness.

Small - At the Equator, the scale is about 1:33 million
Medium - At the Equator, the scale is about 1:25 million
Large - At the Equator, the scale is about 1:19 million