Nevada Archival Print

Nevada Archival Print

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Nevada Archival Print

Nevada is the heart of the Basin and Range Province. An expandinig crust separates tilted fault blocks mostly aligned roughly southwest to northeast, uplifted on their eastern sides and bordered by basins. The Sierra Nevada across the western border collects the precipitation that feeds rivers and fills western Nevada's lakes, but its rain shadow keeps Nevada very dry. Most of the state's streams end in dry lakes at the low points in its countless basins.

                                                                   About Archival Prints

For the lover of landforms, the delicacy and precision of the imagery is what matters. These maps are pure monochrome landform: without the names and built-up areas that appear on our Fine Art Print Landforms and Rivers maps (rivers and streams are shown, but not named). These prints are a revelation, inviting endless contemplation, without distraction.

For a print-lover, the unsurpassed quality and permanence of  both paper and inks may be their most important qualities. These special edition archival prints offer unequaled definition and subtlety of tone. Printed in 8 inks on 350g Hahnemühle 100% cotton Museum Etching paper, these are the gold standard.

All map dimensions are approximate. Archival prints are printed at Jeff Gaydash Studios. Please allow three weeks for delivery. Archival prints are non-returnable. Please contact us ( for samples of archival print paper.