Massachusetts Fine Art Print Map

Massachusetts Fine Art Print Map

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Massachusetts Map - Elevation Tints Map

Raven’s Massachusetts map is at twice the scale of nearly all our other state titles, at 1:250,000 or about 4 miles to the inch. This large scale shows a remarkable level of detail.

The Berkshires really are mountains, the Connecticut River Valley is punctuated by sharp ridges, and Wachusett Mountain stands high above the low hills of Central Massachusetts. Eastern Massachusetts is rock-ribbed New England with innumerable post-glacial deposits, drowned valleys, and moraines isolated by rising seas. The general picture comes into beautiful detail on this map. 

Elevation Tints is the classic Raven Wall Map. It uses shaded relief to portray the land and combines shading with elevation tints-- a sequence of delicate hues and colors that portrays landforms much more clearly than the abstraction of contour lines. Elevation colors make mountains, highlands, and valleys immediately obvious, from sea level at the Atlantic Ocean to Mount Greylock, 3,489'.

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