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We started producing maps in 1984, and began our State Map series with eleven western states in 1987. It took us until 2003 to complete the 50 states, adding other titles--the US, North America, & World Maps--as time permitted. We are now expanding out title list with additional versions of many of our most popular maps. Most new titles are offered in two sizes, as fine art prints (see FAQ for a detailed explanation of the different print types). We can also provide custom adaptations or enlargements of our most recent titles (see Contact Us).

Raven Journal Question

Water covers 71% of the Earth's surface. About what percentage of that is freshwater?

The freshwater percentage of the earth's total water is about 2.5%.

Last week's answer - Mount Vesuvius is the only volcano on the European mainland to have erupted within the last hundred years.

Long-time customer, 2014:
"I just wanted to let you know that I think your maps are absolutely incredible. The colors and details are breathtaking....Sometimes, I... put on some classic jazz guitar on the sound system, lean back in my recliner with a snifter of brandy, and just gaze at the maps. It is a wonderful way to spend an evening."

Ken Perry, 2014:
"(Wyoming Landforms & Rivers) is the map I have been waiting for-- it presents Wyoming topographic features with both clarity and elegance. Relief is crisp and beyond criticism-- there is no way it could be improved. With regard to place names, what a pleasant surprise! A careful selection of tastefully rendered city and town names. Almost all anyone needs to locate themselves....and, thank heavens, no road clutter and no landform names.... In my opinion Wyoming Landforms is the best map Raven has produced. If I were teaching structural geology, every student would own one."

Wall Street Journal, February 18 1992
World's Most Beautiful Maps
"Landforms and Drainage of the 48 States"... . hardly seems the stuff of sensuousness-- at least until you see it. This luminous 37 x 58 inch map has more in common with a silver-nitrate photograph than (with) the multicolored maps remembered from most classrooms. America's peaks and valleys appear in shadowed silver against a black background, revealing the snaking arteries of the Mississippi River, the elephant-skin-like ridges of the Rocky Mountains and the delicate coastal tracery bordering the Gulf of Mexico in stark relief. It's enough to get anyone a little excited."

New York Times, November 15 1992
"When a Raven map is hanging on a wall, whether in an office or a living room, the people in the room often have an uncontrollable urge to step forward and run their fingers along the surface.... (a) map so exquisitely tinted and shaded that mountains seem to rise from the page and valleys appear to be gently cupped by landforms, even though the maps are flat."

Flying Magazine, June 1992
"... for navigating by terrain features (the Idaho map) appeared in some ways superior to the sectional charts I had just used. With the route still fresh in my mind, I studied the wall map closely. It was like seeing where I had been with a new clarity.... The Idaho map's elegant elevation coloration together with the shading gave an astounding three-dimensional effect. Combined with superb printing and quality paper, the map transcended the utilitarian and approached art."

San Francisco Chronicle, February 15 1989
"(Raven) turned information-rich but deadly dull gray-brown...U.S. government maps into captivatingly lifelike shaded-relief wall maps... The addition of intelligent and subtly applied color enhances only, never obscuring the details. These are the kinds of maps you want to fall face-down into. (Raven suggests you buy them in their optional laminated versions to protect against greasy face prints.)"