Landforms of the Central Plains Fine Art Print MAp

Landforms of the Central Plains Fine Art Print MAp

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Landforms of the Central Plains and Prairie

The mid-continent lacks high mountains, but is extremely varied. Really flat lands are confined to river flood plains, notably the Platte, Missouri, Illinois,  and Mississippi. The Mississippi Delta is seasonal floodplain over a former ocean embayment; the remnant flat areas of the Texas Panhandle are an ancient limestone sea floor. Wisconsin’s Driftless Area was an island surrounded but untouched by the most recent glacial advance. Further south, low mountain areas are the deeply eroded remnants of formerly substantial ranges.

Small - Scale is 1:1.5 million or 1" = about 23 miles
Medium - Scale is 1:1 million or 1" = about 16 miles
Large - Scale is 1:750,000 or 1" = about 12 miles

Dimensions: All map dimensions are approximate.